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Cavern Communications Network is a multimedia organization that creates, publishes and promotes all types of media projects in-house or by independent explorers in the Cavern Community.  It is an IC organization (In-Cavern and In-Character), and surface activities are discussed from an IC point of view.

CCN’s mainstay are their audio and/or video programs, with a number of lighthearted posts and chats tossed in for good measure.

Most CCN and affiliate productions are podcast out to ITunes and other directories.  You can search for Cavern Communications Network and choose our name, or open the “advanced” menu of ITunes, click on “Subscribe to podcast” and paste the entire link below into the ITunes url box:



CCN also works with other explorer groups and with the guilds.  This Guild of Messengers is the mains local for information and news throughout the Cavern and on the surface (not always IC).  Find them at the Guild of Messengers Site. for

For more information on episodes, other events, happenings, and history of the DRC and their relationship with the Cavern and Cavern Community, visit this link at the Myst Online Uru Live forums. There are links there to other historical archives as well.

If you are a character (or a supporter of all things fan fiction) and you love Myst/Uru, you might find CCN a nice place to hang out.  We are very serious but never boring, and we are certain that even as each of us plays a “role” in this virtual D’niVerse there is something of our real selves in all things we do. All of our programs are centered around Uru and the D’ni (and our own office adventures, of course).  Join us all at the CCN Central Forums.