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Lisa The Alpha Is Here To Help You Through Animal Jam

Alphas in animal jam help the player in crossing the levels by providing them with hints and knowledge nuggets throughout the duration of the game.  They will help you with conquest and give hidden animal jam cheats that will help you boost you score in the game. There are many alphas that you will come across in the game. Amongst all of them, Liza is considered to be the lead of all the alphas. An adventure explorer, you will get to see her in the new lands. Appondale, Mt. Shiveer and coral canyons are some of them.

Liza is the leader of the leader in the game. The developers have ensured that the appearance suggests the same for the Alpha Panda. Liza stands on her legs and that too upright. Her eyes are bright purple in color and have a neon tinge in them, and she has long eyelashes. She sports a long braided hair that reaches down her back. Her dress is aquamarine in color and has a golden lining and a lace patch that is connected to the neck and belt with a stone encrusted. Liza is seen sporting black gloves and has a golden ribbon on her right ankle along with a toe ring on the right foot. She carries a long wooden rod normally that shows off her adventure interest.

Any character that is developed in the game has a history and origin decoded by the developers to build the character. This origin history helps the developers to set a proper appearance and power base for each of the game characters. Liza like the other Alpha’s belonged to Earth. She very likely lived in China where pandas are free to roam about in the wild. She was in all probability found by Zios and Mira. They insisted her to become the alpha because of her nature and personality. You will learn more about her personality from the fact that she never took a ride from Mira. She traveled the entire Jamaa on foot instead.

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The role of alphas, especially Liza kept changing in the adventure that that player undertakes. Each experience saw her in a new light. She appears toward the end of Greely’s Inferno and admires the player as well as Greely on their brave venture in saving Jamaa. She also seems visibly more upset in comparison to other Alphas on Greely’s apparent death. Liza appears in Forgotten Desert as well.  She hints the player on finding all the crystal shards available so that it can make all the phantoms on the land disappear. Liza appears at the end of an adventure named turning the tide. Here she only thanks you for saving Tavie and lets you know how brave you are.

Liza is apparently named after an American writer and geographer named Eliza Scidmore. She was also the first female board member for the national geographic. Liza is one of the most commonly seen alphas in Jamaa, and her favorite color is pink. In the previous versions of the game of Animal Jam tutorial, she would be the panda to introduce the new players to the game of Animal Jam.

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